• gauge chart sample
  • basic API for hooking into chart events from other directives
  • API-level support for listeners/event-handlers on inner chart object
  • agc-on-error directive to register listener for google charts error event
  • agc-on-mouseover and agc-on-mouseout directives


  • Change package meta-data to reflect support for angular 1.2+
  • on-select now returns all selections if selectedItems is used instead of selectedItem
  • cancels extra draw cycles if many rapid changes are made to chart-object watched parameters
  • changed link function to controller in google-chart directive
  • broke out some functionality into separate directives (on-ready, on-select)
  • namespaced event directives (agc-on-ready, agc-on-error, agc-on-select, agc-on-mouseover, agc-on-mouseout)


  • support for select attribute